AEG 2020 Corporate Business Meeting Sponsor

Ansis Guslens, ansis@logiteasy.com 

LOGitEASY web-based soil logging and boring log software (LOGitEASY eForm) is usable both in the field and in the office, for transferring field notes. Boring logs can be produced in a variety of templates, including LOGitEASY, gINT, LogPlot, and others. Digital data files can be downloaded for use in other boring log applications or databases. Once boring logs are finalized, they can be viewed on a geographic map and used to create free geologic cross sections online. Site Location maps and site plans can also be generated online, integrating bore- hole locations on aerial or terrain backgrounds with the ability to show additional site features, either imported from Google Earth, survey data, or drawn by hand. Plans are automatically generated on a standard title block with company logo and project information. LOGitEASY drafting services convert hand- written field notes into gINT, LogPlot, or custom template logs on fixed-price basis. Our other free tools online include USCS Code Calculator, Munsell Color Translator, and Soil Logging Field Forms.



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