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Eldon Gath,, 

Earth Consultants International is a small geological consulting business headquartered in Santa Ana, California. We specialize in characterizing and quantifying geologic hazards for planning and engineering mitigation and are dedicated to helping our clients understand and overcome complex geologic issues all over the world. Now in our 23rd year, we have completed projects in 18 countries, in addition to hundreds of projects in southern and cen- tral California, as well as Arizona, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. Our two Principal Owners, Eldon Gath and Tania Gonzalez, are well recognized experts in the profession. Services that Earth Consultants International provide include: land-use planning and feasibility studies, natural hazard assess- ments and hazard modeling, earthquake geology, geoarcheology, environmental and ground- water studies, mineral exploration and consulting, and litigation and geoforensic support.


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