2020/2021 AEG/GSA Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer: Cheryl Hapke, PhD

Dr. Cheryl J. Hapke has decades of experience in studies of coastal geology and processes of coastal change as they relate to societal issues. She is presently the coordinator of the Florida Coastal Mapping Program and holds a research profes- sorship at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science. She also runs a private consulting company: Coastal Science Solutions. She earned her PhD in coastal geology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and spent over 20 years as a research scientist with the US Geological Survey before taking early retirement from federal service in 2019. Her expertise spans a variety of coastal geomorphic settings, including barrier islands, rocky coastlines, and carbonate coasts. She currently is focused on helping coastal communi- ties with sea-level rise adaptation planning.

Annual Meeting Presentation: Our Changing Coastlines: The Intersection of Geologic Processes & People

Dr. Hapke’s presentation will provide a glimpse into the profes- sional career of a research scientist whose passion of coastal geology has taken her from the steep slopes of the Big Sur Coast to the barrier islands of NY battered by Hurricane Sandy to the island beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Regardless of the location or the geomorphology of the coastline, Dr. Hapke explores how coastlines change in response to storms, tides and sea-level rise, focusing on the vulnerabilities that changing conditions bring to communities, infrastructure, and the natural environment around them. Over the course of her lecture series, she will explore how geology and humans intersect at the coast and how science can be used not only to understand how a coastal system works but also how that knowledge can be used to help managers, planners, and decision-makers best balance natural processes and societal needs.

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