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Levee risk assessments, incidents, and repairs, led by a keynote presentation by Dave Rogers with Missouri University of Science and Technology, who is well-versed in levee case histories. 

Convener: Kevin Richards and Cassandra Wagner

Speaker Bios

Time                 Speaker                         Title

8:15-8:20                                                    Introduction

8:20-9:00          J. David Rogers               Site Characterization of Levee Foundations

9:00-9:20          John Mundell                  Calibrating Artificial Intelligence and Hydrologic Modeling with Smart Monitoring Inputs for Enhanced Levee Safety Predictions Under Changing Climate Conditions

9:20-9:40          Kevin Hayes                    Hydrogeologic Characterization of the C-24 North Reservoir Dam Site, Indian River Lagoon–South Watershed, Florida

9:40-10:00        Scott Burch                     Assessment of 14 TVA Spillways and the Evaluation of Erodibility for Earth Cut Spillways                                                           

10:00-10:20      Michael George               Back-Analysis of Unlined Rock Spillway Erosion Rates to Support Risk-Informed Design (co-presenter Coralie Wilhite) 

10:20-10:40      Stephanie Briggs              Unlined Spillway Erosion, Contributions from Hillside Channel Flow and Local Impinging Jet scour at Oroville Dam, CA      

10:40-11:00      David Cregger                 Use of Wedge Analysis for Prediction of Rock Block Plucking Scour

11:00-11:20      Kimberly Davidson          Effects of Anchoring on Uplift, Bluestone Dam, Hinton, WV

11:20-11:40      Vanessa Bateman           An Analysis of Fully Grouting Vibrating Wire Piezometers Use at Center Hill Dam

11:40-12:00      Donald B. Riley               Rock Quality Characterization Using Blast Hole Penetration Rate Data USACE Isabella Lake Dam Safety Modification Project Kern County, California

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