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This technical session will focus on oral presentations that showcase a broad spectrum of practical examples illustrating how a range of geoscientific methods were creatively and innovatively applied to evaluate potential problems, collect and evaluate data pertinent to those problems, propose solutions to resolve them, and communicate information in a manner that enables all interested stakeholders to understand the geoscientific basis for the proposed solutions. 

Conveners: David F. Fenster and Gerry L. Stirewalt

Presenters Bios

Time                 Speaker                          Title

9:00-9:20          Samantha Farmer             Analysis of High Priority Unstable Rock Slopes in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina

9:20-9:40           Margaret Kroehler            Preliminary Investigation of Slope Movements in the North Cove Area, North Carolina

9:40-10:00         Arpita Nandi                    Soil Creep and its Role in Mudslide Generation – Case Study from Erwin, Tennessee

10:00-10:20       Nicholas Ferry                  Influence of Bedrock Substrate on Mobility of Large Rock Avalanches Formed in Dry Climates: Blue Diamond Landslide Case Study                                                        

10:20-10:40       Dylan Hemraj                  Development of a Geotechnical Model for Open Pit Slope Design in Cenozoic Sediments in the Pilbara region of Australia   

10:40-11:00       George Freitag                 Pumice Mine Reclamation, Oregon State University – Cascades Campus, Bend, Oregon

11:00-11:20       Edmund Medley                Recent Advances in Stochastic Analyses of Slopes in Bimrocks and Bimsoils

11:20-11:40       Echo Li                            A Machine Learning Algorithm for Rock Mass Characterization and Stability from Point Clouds

11:40-12:00       Jacqueline Sosa               Preparing for The Big One: Data-Driven Spatio-Temporal Risk Maps for Earthquake Evacuation in L.A. County

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