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Seeking stable slopes in a time of rapid change: This symposium will present case studies and field-based research of landslide processes and landslide hazard evaluation, management, mitigation and risk reduction in the frameworks of historical and contemporary societal needs. Topics include field studies of landslide aConveners: Kevin McCoy and Casey Dowlingctivity, morphology, and geometry; comparative evaluation of historical and contemporary mining-related geohazards from a technical and social standpoint, and impacts of climate change on landslide processes.

Conveners: Kevin McCoy and Casey Dowling

Time                 Speaker                          Title

Presenter Bios

12:15-12:20                                            Introduction

12:20-12:40        Paul Santi                      Environmental and Geologic Hazards near Small-Scale Gold Mines in Peru: An Analog for 19th and Early 20th Century Mining in Colorado

12:40-1:00         Anna Stanczyk                Permafrost Thaw, Precipitation, and the Pretty Rocks Slump - A Climate Change Induced Landslide in Denali National Park?

1:00-1:20           Frank Jordan                   Interrelationship of Faulting and Landsliding in the San Bernardino and San Jacinto-Santa Rosa Mountains (Presented by Kerry Cato)

1:20-1:40           Rory Robinson               Prevention and Recording of a Large Landslide Event Using Ground-Based Interferometric Radar at Roberts Mountain, Oregon                                               

1:40-2:00           Rory Robinson               US Highway 20, Between Pioneer Mountain and Eddyville, Oregon: The Observational Design Approach, Now Post-Construction  

2:15-2:35           Yonathan Admassu          Lessons Learned From the use of Google Earth/ Google Street View for Rockfall Hazard Rating

2:35-2:55           Luke Weidner                 Automated Rock Slope Monitoring: Lessons from the Colorado Rockies

2:55-3:15           Vishnu Chakrapani Lekha Improving Satellite-Based Precipitation Using Rain Gauge Observations for Landslide Prediction In A Data Sparse Region

3:15-3:35           Jennifer Bauer                 Landslide Features on the WNC Blue Ridge Escarpment - It's a Complex Issue

3:35-3:55           Trent Hubbard                 Debris Flow Inventory and Hazard Assessment in Sitka, Alaska

3:55-4:15           Larry D. Gurrola              Flood History and Landslide Dam Hazards of the Montecito Watersheds, Santa Barbara County, California

4:15-4:35           Andrew Mitchell             Effect of Multi-stage Failures on Rock Avalanche Mobility: Joffre Peak Case Study

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