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Conveners: Sarah Kalika and Mark Bailey

Asbestos occurs naturally across the United States and around the world within mafic and ultramafic rocks as well as soils derived from these rocks.  Join us to learn about naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) and elongate mineral particles (EMPs), what minerals are regulated as asbestos, where they are typically found, sampling and analysis methods, health effects from inhalation, and the varying regulations that apply to construction workers, the public, and waste soil.  We will additionally discuss emerging issues relating to efforts to further define worker protection procedures and limit the use of asbestos in consumer products.

Presenters Bios

Time                  Speaker               Title

9:00-10:00         Mark Bailey          An Overview of Analytical Test Methods for NOA

10:00-10:30      Thomas Zdeb        An Overview of Key Things to Consider When Designing a Construction Project Involving Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) – Setting the Stage For Success

10:30-10:50        Oliver Barker       Towards a Model for the Permanent Eradication of Mine Related Asbestos Pollution in South Africa

10:50-11:30        Sarah Kalika        Asbestos Monitoring in Construction Site Air - Unexpected Challenges to Construction Site Monitoring

11:30-11:50        Erell Léocat         Carto PMAi - a Project to Evaluate Worker and Public Populations Exposure to Elongate Mineral Particles of Interest

11:50-12:00                                  Q&A      

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