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Conveners: Loren Lasky and Patricia Bryan

AEG’s Virtual Environmental Symposium 2020 will focus on Radon, a naturally-occurring, radioactive and carcinogenic emerging contaminant. This half day symposium, Wednesday afternoon, September 16, 2020 will feature an invited panel of Radon experts from academia and industry. Four in-depth presentations will highlight the latest USGS Radon mapping results and discuss the cutting-edge remediation techniques available now for mitigation of Radon, both  in indoor air and in drinking water. 

Speaker Bios

Time                 Speaker                Title

12:15-1:05         Scott Burns         Radon—The Invisible Killer—-Geologic Characteristics that Lead to High Radon Production

1:10-2:00           David Innes         New Technologies for Testing and Mitigating Radon in Air, plus a Radon-101 Review of Health Effects

2:15-2:50           Zoltan Szabo       Radon-222 Occurrence in Groundwater is Highest in Appalachian Piedmont, Eastern USA and Correlates to Lead-210 Occurrence                                                  

2:55-3:30           John Noyes         How Training and Education in Radon Mitigation has Provided Invaluable Insights for Vapor Mitigation: Supported by 3 Case Studies

3:35-4:10           Jennifer Athey     Alaska Radon Testing and Occurrence:  Now that we Know Better, we are Working to do Better

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