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Conveners: Paul Headland/ Ike Isaacson/Mike Piepenburg

We will open this session with a 60-minute presentation by our Keynote Presenter Dr. Ed Cording, who will discuss the early days of engineering geology in underground practice, the development of the many of the key tenants of our work, and then fast forward to the continued application of our ability to observe and record our findings in ever-increasingly more challenging work conditions.  With over 60 years of experience in the field and around the world, Dr. Cording’s presentation should valuable lessons and insights for the listeners. Four other presentations will follow Dr. Cording and cover a wide range of topics (large and small diameter tunnels) and ground conditions (soft ground and rock) including; tunneling through carbonate reef structures and shale, developing a design for a microtunnel drive around a vertical curve through water-bearing sediments, and using directional drilling to locate old historic tunnels in the Rocky Mountains. With a wide variety of locations, tunnel sizes, and ground conditions, we hope there will be something of interest for all of our colleagues and hope you will join us.

Speaker Biographies

Time                  Speaker                       Title

12:15-1:15         Ed Cording                  Tunneling Group Keynote

1:15-1:40           Ike J. Isaacson            Identification and Adverse Impacts of Carbonate Reef Structures for Tunnel Projects

1:40-2:00           Michael Piepenburg   Behavior of the Chagrin Shale in Selected Tunneled Excavations, Cleveland, Ohio

2:15-2:45           Paul Headland             King City Siphon - Challenging Ground Conditions Drive Alignment Selection for a Vertical Curve Microtunnel                                                 

2:45-3:15           Ashton Krajnovich       Historic Analysis and Future Expansion of the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels Part 1: Geologic Modeling

3:15-3:45           Gauen Alexander         Historic Analysis and Future Expansion of the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels – Part 2: Geotechnical Analysis

3:45-4:00                                                  Q&A

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